How Can I Help My Children Develop Good Screen-Time Habits?

One of the most common complains we hear from parents is that kids have become screen addicted, specially during this pandemic. The truth also is, as parents we ourselves resort to screens as a tool to keep our kids engaged. If you are looking for a good alternative online for your child that can allow him or her to pass quality time while learning crucial life skills, our SEL program can be the perfect solution for you.


The world is becoming increasingly aware of some of social media's harmful consequences, particularly those on young users. Parents must frequently adapt to it because the environment is changing so quickly. Since it is such a significant issue, has conducted study on the statistics of social media addiction. It provides fascinating insight into a variety of themes, like which app is the most hazardous, if social media addiction is on the rise, the frequency of mental health disorders, and more.

Here's the link of the research for your benefit :

SO, needless to say that It is very important to regulate screen time !!

Reducing screen time gives people more time to spend with their loved ones. Connecting with others can reduce stress, despair, and anxiety symptoms. Because of screens, we frequently lose out on the beauty and excitement that are happening all around us. There are screens, gaming consoles, and smartphones everywhere. Our houses, bedrooms, offices, cars, pockets, and purses all contain them. Have you ever given any thought to how much time you or your loved ones spend in front of a screen? Although these technologies are useful or enjoyable, too much time spent using them can cause issues.


Reducing screen time has numerous positive effects on your child's health. As follows:

  • Improve physical health
  • Spend more time playing and exploring.
  • Build relationships with others.
  • Improve mood
  • Create community

One strategy for assisting children in developing self-assurance and competence is to teach them about healthy screen time restrictions. And who knows, parents and caregivers could benefit, too!


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