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Based on Brain Science & Positive Psychology

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Accreditations & Certificaitons

Our Programs are based on Latest Scientific Research of Top Global Institutes and taught by Amazing & Accredited Teachers


Have you EVER felt like this?

iAmMotherly  Parent for Life Program Problem Statement
iAmMotherly  Parent for Life Program Problem Statement

Worries. Fears. Guilts. Regrets. Frustrations. We know how you feel and WE CAN HELP!

We Promise to Bring Amazing Results

iAmMotherly Parent for Life Program Benefits
iAmMotherly Parent for Life Program Benefits

Wondering How?

Join Our Parenting Program

10-Week Certification Program, 1 Class a week, 90 mins each
Based on Brain Science & Positive Psychology (PERMA-V) Principles
Know how to parent at every age and in every situation based on our Signature 7 Pillars of Parenting
Get 40+ easy to Implement Tools, designed to solve your parenting troubles
Get access to a wonderful, supportive community of parents, and never feel alone again!

Check out our 10-Week Program!

Sadia Mahjabeen, Principal of iAmMotherly

Let's create a community of Empowered Parents

"I have made it my life's purpose to help parents like you in their parenting journey. Together we can raise amazing kids who are ready to tackle the challenges of life..."

Sadia earned her Foundation of Positive Psychology degree from uPenn, further did her certification on Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center, USA. She is also a Certified Parent Coach from The Jai Institute of Parenting, USA
Accreditations & Certificaitons
How will you BENEFIT?

Our Program Helps you to BETTER...

Prepare & Nurture
so that you can take better care of your child and yourself
Engage with your child
in a way that makes brain functions grow
Teach Responsibility
so that kids become independent
Build Healthy Habits
so that you can set them up for success
Protect from Bullies
& train to protect their friends as well
Install Healthy Eating Habits
and teach kids to take care of themselves
Become Friends with your child
and help them when they need it the most
Fight Screen Addiction
and give them alternatives that work!
Have a Healthier Family Life
where kids can flourish and GROW!
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“I just requested a CallBack, iAmMotherly team থেকে কল করে আমার সব query answer করেছে। I am impressed with the convenience they offer!”

Faria, Melbourne, Mother of Twin Boys