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Ready to bring
iSEL LAB to your School?

FREE trainings, resources, workshops and much more for teachers, students & parents

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Join our Select Partner Program

Ready to bring
SEL LAB to your School??

FREE trainings, resources, workshops and much more for teachers, students & parents so that together we can build a better tomorrow!

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What is iSEL LAB?

iSEL LAB is a continuous research backed effort of iAmMotherly to adopt SEL programs in Bangladeshi Schools. It will equip your school with the skills necessary to develop socially and emotionally competent students.

Curriculum based on Brain Science and Positive Psychology (PERMA-V) Principles
iSEL Lab is available to qualifying schools at NO COST
Accreditations & Certificaitons
Our Programs are based on Latest Scientific Research of Top Global Institutes and taught by Amazing & Accredited Teachers

Why SEL?

Listen from the Best Authority of the World on Emotional Intelligence

Get Long Term

REAL Results

What iSEL LAB Offers?

For Students

iSEL lessons Designed to help them Flourish

Our SEL LAB offers selective SEL resources to all students at no cost. Students find their voice in the classroom and through different roles by learning and applying life-ready skills.

Kids learn skills to connect and communicate with peers, manage their feelings, think critically, and grow into caring and compassionate adults. This social and emotional learning process equips students with essential 21-century skills to build meaningful relationships and take ownership of their education.
Emotionally Intelligent Kid

SEL LAB plan fits in with regular school hour!

Yearly Plan includes:
12 Lessons, 24 Classes
30-Min Each, 1 Class/Week
Multiple Age Group
Students' WorkBook
Teachers' Lesson Book
Parental SEL Notes
Parent Webinars/Workshops
Fully Equipped Training Facility
Comprehensive Teachers Training
& Much More . . .
For Teachers

FREE Trainings & Workshops!

SEL LAB gives teachers the tools to build trust, encourage problem-solving, and establish a positive learning environment.

They participate in training & workshops for personal improvement and professional learning opportunities.

Training Roadmap

Each school will get quarterly trainings for nominated teachers for implementation of SEL

Download the Roadmap
Training Resources

With comprehensive lesson plans for each class, teachers will be able to successfully implement SEL in the classrooms

See Sample Lesson Plan
For Parents

Without the support of parents, no skill development will work well

Workshops and other resources are also available to help parents or guardians develop life-ready leadership skills at home

Parental SEL Notes

For each class, parents also get parental SEL Notes so that they can support the kids in installing the skills in a sustainable manner at home

Download Sample Resource

Webinars & Workshops

We regularly arrange webinars, workshops for raising awareness in parents on doing their part at home which involves the overall wellbeing of our Kids

Recent Werbinar
For Administrators

We have created "School Administrators' Summit"

We facilitate a Mastermind "School Administrators' Summit" every year for you to excel with the power of minds. Because great things happen when great minds come together!
Administrator's Summit

And, There is MORE...

Continuous Support
Our certified implementation specialists will provide continuous support to onboard your school properly so that students and teachers can thrive.
Resource Center
We will constantly add cutting edge SEL resources while having everything organised at one place. We will ensure access to Teachers, Parents & Kids
No Cost to Schools
SEL LAB is being offered to our select Partners at no cost (Limited Seats & Pre Qualification Based)

This is what we need from you

While we bring sustainable development to your school, we need the below commitments from you

Once we sign the MOU, a periodical official communication needs to go from the schools to all the parents asking for their support in implementing the program.
The school needs to provide iAmMotherly with a 5 ft x 6 ft wall space around the entrance of the school where it is mostly visible to all parents & students. This space will be used for raising awareness for parents & kids, All contents posted here will be pre-approved by the school authority beforehand.
The school will actively participate in raising awareness, mostly by informing its parents of all the webinars, workshops, awareness sessions we will conduct by sending periodical official SMS &/or E-mail, pinning & posting on social media, school notice board and website.
School will be morally agreed to launch joint programs by sharing on campus space at a periodically discussed time & date on mutually agreed topics. Other than the existing school facility & communication channel all other organising costs will be born by iAmMotherly
School will help us to conduct periodical surveys on the students, parents & teachers who have gone through the SEL resources provided under SEL LAB to determine the efficacy of the program.
School will help us by assigning an Emissary Teacher who will be volunteering for this great cause. A super active soul, deeply believe in the cause & duly authorised by the school authority to help us with dedication to achieve the success of the initiative by being the single point of contact (SPOC) for your school

How To

Bring SEL LAB to your School?

Step 1
Qualification Meeting
We need to sit with the leadership team (Principal &/or Vice Principal) of the school to find if we can qualify each other. Book a meeting right away, Click Here.
Step 2
Sign the Paperwork
Post qualification it's just a matter of signing our standard understanding Document. Check the Draft MOU & let us know your consent by an email to
Step 3
Start Implementing
Once we are done with the paperwork we start implementing as per the decided roadmaps.

Our Program is Unique

Our Program is a unique combination of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Positive Psychology (PERMA-V) principles.

What is Positive Psychology (PERMA-V)?

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living. It is one of the newest branches of psychology which focuses on how to help human beings prosper and lead healthy, happy lives by focusing on their strengths, abilities and positive emotions.
What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

SEL provides an extra dimension to traditional education, focusing on improving self-awareness, self-control, cooperation, communication, decision making and building emotional intelligence which is critical for lifelong happiness, successful careers, and healthier relationships.
Accreditations & Certificaitons

We are a World Class Program that Works!

This is what research says!

Traditional education is not enough to prepare kids for life. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of Education and Human Development.


That's why iAmMotherly SEL LAB is built upon the combined efforts of Kids, Parents & Teachers - because let's face it - only together we can bring in real change! We offer programs for Kids, Parents & Schools all designed to help raise kids equipped with life skills!

What Research Says

SEL Program is Scientifically Proven to bring Amazing Results!!

Improvement in Emotional Intelligence
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Less likely to be Bullied or Abused
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Improvement in Academic Results
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Less likely to engage in Problem Behaviour
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Parents believe SEL is as important as academic learning
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Certainty on improved Lifetime Outcomes
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Step 1: Select Your Batch
Once you Click "Proceed to Enroll Now" you will be able to Select your batch according to the age of your child & your preferred time of the week
Step 2: Give Information
Once you select your batch, you will find a short enrolment form. Upon submission you will get your Temporary Enrolment & a Payment Link through email
Step 3: Start Your Journey
Upon Payment, your Enrolment will be confirmed & we will assign a transformation manager to guide you through your entire journey with us.
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