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Dear Partner

We are silently building The Biggest Community School Chain of the country. Click below for our detailed Business Plan...

Sadia Mahjabeen
Sadia Mahjabeen,
Principal, iAmMotherly
iAmMotherly School by Sadia Mahjabeen
Make Wealth & Build Next Generation

Dear Partner

We are silently building a LARGE & ROBUST organisation. Let me tell you more about our Business Plan. Please keep scrolling.

Sadia Mahjabeen
Sadia Mahjabeen,
Principal, iAmMotherly
iAmMotherly is a unique School which is making all other Schools it's paying customers & all of their Students & Parents it's paying customers too.
We are not an idea, rather already tested. We have better gross margin than a great school but we are way more scalable than any of them.
We are not creating a new market, rather consolidating a very large, hyper growing & as traditionally proven market as Private Education
Our Education Products are extremely important to have & soon will become a must have for all Schools, Students & Parents.
Our customers are very clearly identified & there is no primary competition yet.
We are a fully grown BOY not a BABY, means we have Revenue, Partnerships, Physical Campus, Online Presence, Teams, R&D, Branding, Marketing & Sales, Accounting & Finance Systems, Recruitment & HRM Systems, CRM Systems, Licensed Technologies, Intellectual Properties, Documented Management Processes, Appointed Auditors & Attorneys, Shareholders, Board, Advisory Panel etc and MUCH MORE!!
The only reason we could do above in such a short time & in such a small cost is because we are an expert leadership team with multiple Fortune 500 working experiences followed by Establishing, Growing, and Selling or even IPOing a number of companies.

Why we created iAmMotherly?

Traditional Education is Insufficient

We need to prepare our children for the current world struggles

The only answer is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & it is heart breaking for us to see that the third largest ethnicity (Bengali Ethnicity) of the world has NO SEL for their Kids as part of their education

So, We Became

The only School in the World advancing Social Emotional Learning for Bengali Ethnicity. Where there are many for the westerners. We do everything that a traditional school don't & that's why we are the perfect complementary education for all. Our iSEL curriculum ensures:
More brain power & better grades
Make better friends, stand up against bullying
Problem-solve & make better decisions
Manage all icky feelings and get up when they fail
Have better self control, confidence & growth mindset
Have solid foundation for advancing in any Career
...and MUCH MORE!!
Emotionally Intelligent Kid

Are we Qualified to Do So?

Global Accreditations

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Are we Equipped to DO SO?

iAmMotherly Campus

In addition to traditional school can they go to

iAmMotherly Campus?

We are a "One Day a Week" School. They are just not coming to our campus rather they are loving it. See it for yourself.

Who can buy?

Target Market Size

There are 37M middle class families recorded. 4M children are enrolled into English Medium Private Schools. So we did not even bother to look into the target market size. We know from experience that once the market is way too big then we need to create a Captive Serviceable Market of our own. So we created our marketing strategy accordingly.

Market Approach One

Captive Market Creation

Private Schools already have made our job lot easier by segmenting social class with quite a certainty. So we have picked a list of schools & aim to sign contracts with them through our iSEL LAB. The schools got benefited through our curriculum & training, where we get thousands of our customers from one single school. We have targeted to sign with 100+ Schools in next five years which will give us a captive market of 200,000+ Families, who already came to know us from direct school recommendation, have clear understanding about our products & services, also have bought our books, got our certification & did regular iSEL classes at the school.

Want to know more what is iSEL LAB? It is one of a kind marketing innovation. Learn More →

Market Approach Two

Enhance the Lifetime Value

From the moment a couple conceives until their kids are 18, we have programs designed for every stage of that journey for both parents & children. So when a family unit becomes a client, it becomes a client for life and generates a hefty amount of revenue during the whole customer lifecycle.

With the merit of the design, we can successfully acquire a client/family by spending BDT 5000 (CAC) where each family shows a potential to pay as low as BDT 96,000 during their minimum 1 Year customer lifecycle for only one child.

However, iAmMotherly programs generate a hundred times more value to each family compared to the amount they pay to us. It’s surely a Win-Win scenario & only Win-Win business stays forever.

How we run our Business Operations


We have a well structured organisational structure & defined responsibilities to carry out our day to day operations. We keep on modifying the structure assigned responsibility sets based on the business needs & the merit of each employee.

Dynamic Organisational Structure →

Recruitment & Selection

We have deployed the most advanced, rigorous & robust recruitment processes, because we understand that people are everything to whatever you do. So we determine the psychometric fit, culture fit, measure their skills, character fit, attention to detail, critical thinking ability, sincerity & eagerness to get the job etc. and much more.

IAM Career Page→

People Management

We must show you how we manage all the small but very important issues like employee record management, contract management, geo location tracked attendance, leave management, all internal policy publications etc seamlessly.

Let us show you Grove→

Leadership Team

A team of Innovators

Md Jubair Ahmed
Md Jubair Ahmed
Board Chair

Jubair is a Serial Founder, Board Member, Strategist in multiple businesses. In his early career, he served numerous Fortune 500 companies & later Founded & Scaled Businesses across SA & SEA. He specializes in designing essential skills and practical strategies to build leaders & entrepreneurs capable of training the next generation. With his education on Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford, USA, and his insight gathered from 15+ years of experience, he can guide the young generation to a path of leadership.

Sadia Mahjabeen
Sadia Mahjabeen
Founding Principal

Sadia is a Positive Psychology Expert and a Parenting Specialist who has been working for the last 8+ years with a personal agenda to raise emotionally resilient children. Her combined expertise in SEL and Positive Psychology makes her one of the very few experts in this field. She earned her Foundation of Positive Psychology degree from UPenn, further did her certification in Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center, USA. She is also a Certified Parent Coach from The Jai Institute of Parenting, USA.

Zahidul Islam Riyan
Zahidul Islam Riyan
Adviser, Investor Relations

Zahid is a value investor with extensive investment experience in public, private equities, and debt securities in major stock markets globally. He worked on several projects for Google and has been appointed as one of the principals to execute South Asian investment opportunities by AR Capital - Hedge Fund, NY. Zahid's involvement with many companies across borders in designing a systematic process for capital allocation, balance sheet structuring, and shareholder-friendly management incentives has allowed him to gain great perspectives and invest in businesses with a favorable competitive advantage with high IRR, re-investment opportunities run by phenomenal business operators. He is a big believer in the concept of 'Social Return on Invested Capital (SROIC)'. Zahid advises iAmMotherly in all investment activities as it not only offers great potential in becoming a massive home-run for its investors but also promises a tremendous impact on society.

Business Team

A team of Makers

Tamanna Toma Khan
Tamanna Toma Khan
Program Expert

Tamanna is a Nutritionist who has worked in various areas, including in public health, the private sector, and in education and research. She is especially adept in examining the process of nourishment and the association between diet, disease, and health, providing health advice, and promoting healthy eating. With an Honours & Masters in Nutrition and Food Science from Dhaka University and an Executive Masters in Health Economics, Tamanna brings much expertise to the team.

Jarin Tasnim Diba
Jarin Tasnim Diba
Program Expert

Jarin is a Psychologist, specializing in School Psychology, who has worked extensively on bullying, children’s metacognition, social and cognitive development, and changes of adolescent boys and girls. She has experience working with students experiencing academic, emotional, or behavioral difficulties. With her Honours & Masters on Psychology from Dhaka University with a special focus on School Psychology & experience in National Institute of Mental Health, Bangladesh, Jarin brings in very core expertise to our panel.

Rose Prema Gomes
Rose Prema Gomes
SEL Master

Rose is a passionate teachers who also specializes on SEL curriculum. She is focused on the development and delivery of training related to SEL practices, the importance, of and research behind SEL, and how to integrate SEL into the classroom and school culture and climate. She is also responsible for direct support to school staff on SEL programming including standards, staff development, curriculum, and assessment.

Sumaiya Akter
Program Apprentice

Sumaiya is an Early Childhood Development Expert who has been also working for more than 3 years to raise awareness on related topics in the parents of Bangladesh. She is extremely committed to work for the betterment of children and focuses all her learning and energy in doing so. She brings in a source os energy to our team that is rare to find.

Shenjutee Sree Das
Program Apprentice

Shenjutee did her undergrad in Education & Research and always dreamt of working with curriculum that would be effective. She got the perfect opportunity here. She is an expert in designing interactive lesson plans which kids love and learn from. She also has direct teaching experience for few years which makes her a great addition to the team.

Tahsina Shiva
Digital Analyst

Shiva is a Computer Engineer from one of the top universities of the country. She wanted to use her technical skills for a purpose and found her perfect match here. Shiva is that quiet magician who gets things done quickly. She does her research, finds solutions and implements it without much handholding. Young but resourceful, we are overjoyed to have her in the team.

Ishrat Rahman
Growth Expert

Ishrat is a superstar! Not only she has extensive experience to work in the corporate arena, she also has the perfect background to have a wholistic understanding of business. Her Chartered Accountancy Course Complete (CA-CC) and BBA from one of the leading business schools of the country has given her an unique combinaiton which is a great addition to our growth journey. Not only that, she loves to hop on our classes and teach kids as well!

Ashfi Rahaman Ovi
Growth Expert

Ashfi is an expert in forging partnerships. She is responsible for planning and executing projects, from the initial ideation through to completion. She specializes in coordinating people and processes to deliver projects on time, within budget and with the desired outcomes aligned to objectives. Her law background helps her immensely to get into win-win strategic partnerships. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Humaira Afrin Rumi
Communication Expert

Humaira is a negotiator. She can really connect to people. Her experience while working for Save the Children has equipped her to deal with diverse situation at the same time ignited within her the need to work for the betterment of children. Humaira is an asset to the team!

Fairuz Anika Promi
Communication Expert

Fairuz is a people's person. She is excellent with communication. Being a debater all her life and after completing her Honours and Masters from the biggest Public University of the country, she was looking for the perfect place to use her skill and found her match here.

Ishrat Maria
Communication Apprentice

Maria is a single mother, a fighter, who lost her husband at a very young age but become even more resilient in the face of adversity. She brings an inspiring energy to the team and is an absolute asset. She is committed, eager to learn and always open to experience. She looks after the social engagement single-handedly!

Md Sultan Ul Nayem
Sultan Ul Nayem
Creative Expert

Nayem speaks through his work on graphics and animations. He specializes on creating engaging curriculum content, kid friendly graphics, story books, worksheets and imageries, all of which help kids relate to what they are learning, making the journey fun and colourful for them. In a world where images speak a thousand words, he is a core part of how to express ourselves.

Shafiul Alam Shuvo
Creative Expert

Shuvo is a story-teller who can turn any message into a story and take to to people in a way that they can relate. He specializes in creating marketing strategies which reaches people. In a world of marketing, where just typical advertisement does not work anymore, Shuvo is an asset to the team, who takes the word out and helps parents to find solution through us.

Jitu Hasan Arpon
Jitu Hasan Arpon
Creative Expert

Jitu is a creative soul who can tell amazing stories through videos. He specializes in creating content that is used not only for awareness but to educate children on the various skills of life. He is very good at translating our contents & training into engaging educational courses. Being the youngest member of the team, he brings in an energy and smile, that is hard to beat.

Tanvir Munna
Admin Expert

Tanvir is a go-getter. Starting from keeping our campus up and running, to managing all our back-end functions so that we can function properly and change the lives of thousands of children, he does it all. His best feature is his "Can do" attitude. He is the perfect guardian an organization can have so that it can fly high and reach it's dream.

Performance is Everything

Sales & Marketing

We have built a powerful performance marketing process which is fully integrarted with measurable sales outcome. So no penny goes into any woo woo awareness building big talks

We organise digital events & programs to our captive market (signed school network) & asked the parents to sign up for their interests so we get lead to our CRM system.
We run digital marketing campaign with laser focus in new areas to gain entry & then we create referral to trigger word of mouth.
We do regular physical activation events in front of schools & collect leads.
All collected leads are periodically nurtured with useful contents on raising a socially emotionally child & end of every content we invite them to our Campus or shop online. We have a full suite of digital infrastructure & a primely located physical campus to receive the sales through all possible payment channels with instalment facilites.
Service Fulfilment

Assess & Improve

Our education products are not only one-of-a-kind, they also work. The whole program is build on extreme attention to the individual need of the child.
Check our iEQ Assessment →

Sample iEQ report

IP Protection

We use all the licensed technologies as Microsoft Cloud, Azure, Power Apps, Microsoft 365 office solution, Microsoft Dynamic to protect all the Intellectual Properties that we are developing. We are also applying for patents to all our IPs. Enterprise grade protection.

Microsoft Cloud →


Our next Five Years financial projection is linked in this section.

Financial Plan →

Honored Shareholders

Fuelling Growth

Syed Ahsan Habib

Mr. Habib is a Gregorian & made his mark as the regional IT Manager at World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC. After leaving his professional career he made significant accomplishments in a variety of sectors, such as, ICT, Cyber Security, BPO, Al-based image processing, Foods & Beverage, Automobile Industry, Home Appliances, as well as the non-profit sector. He is also a distinguished member of many board. Among them few noteworthy are Institute of Engineers Bangladesh, Sonar Bangla Foundation (NGO), Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber, Rotary Club of Dhaka West, Gulshan Society, Dataedge, Bread & Beyond, Euro Kitchens Ltd. & many more.

Zahir Ahmed

Mr. Zahir Ahmed is a notable and respected businessman having over 30 years of experience in building value through sustainable ventures. He is heading multiple entities doing business across multiple industries like Real Estate & Civil Engineering, Merchant Banks & FIs, Overseas Trading House and Recruiting Agency, Export Import etc. He is a BUETian and a Life Fellow of The Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). He is also a distinguished member of many reputed clubs and societies . Among them few noteworthy are Gulshan Club, Dhaka Club, Uttara Club, Army Golf Club, Gulshan Society, Banani CLub, Dhaka Boat Club, Lions Club International  & many more.

Mohammad Ziaul Islam Chowdhury

Mr. Chowdhury, is an economics & business educated professional who made his mark on Development Economics, Finance, Shipping & Logistics, Pharmaceuticals and Textile & Clothing sectors. He has been instrumental in handling the IPO of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. by attending Road Shows in Honk Kong and Singapore with Multinational Fund Managers and subsequently in developing & diversifying the textile businesses of one of the largest conglomerates in the country, SQUARE.
He has vast experience in Planning, Procurement, Negotiation, HR Management and Business Operations. Presently he is involved in high value consulting.

Asma Ul Husna

Ms. Asma Ul Husna Sanchita is an Author and Educator who wants to make this world a better place for the next generation with her work. She worked as the Strategist & Head of Operations for Mighty Punch Studios. She was also a lead course instructor and curriculum consultant for BYLCx, the online education platform of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), where she produced more than 18 courses on critical thinking, growth mindset, and other 21st century skills, educating thousands of youths. As an author she has worked in different projects with Guba Books, Let's Read Asia, Her Story, UNESCO, Kishor Alo, Sisimpur and Dhaka Comics.

Our work is getting noticed!

Acknowledgements & Appreciations

Featured article of iAmMotherly on Financial Express
Featured article of iAmMotherly on Financial Express
Featured article of iAmMotherly on Financial Express
Featured article of iAmMotherly on Financial Express
Featured article of iAmMotherly on Financial Express
Featured article of iAmMotherly on Financial Express
Featured article of iAmMotherly on Financial Express
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iAmMotherly Testimonials

"I never thought traditional education is enough for our children, they need to be better trained! Looking forward to this program"
Ershad, Dhaka, Father of One
“Both of us are working parents. I was looking for something that would benefit my daughter while keeping her engaged and this seemed like a wonderful choice!”
Samrin, Dhaka, Mother of One
“My son is shy, does not have many friends. Hoping a program like this will help him to overcome his social anxiety and build self-confidence.”
Tasnuva, Dhaka, Mother of One
"I whole-heartedly appreciate iAmMotherly for bringing in such a timely program for our kids. Hoping both my children will get to learn a lot!"
Sabin, Dhaka, Mother of Two
“My son gets very aggressive when we try to control his X-box usage. We are worried. We want a better alternative for him. Looking forward to this.”
Tanvir, Dhaka, Father of two
“My daughter is an only child and she keeps complaining she is bored. Hope this program will be a way for her to stay engaged while learning something.”
Maliha, Dhaka, Mother of One

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